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No two companies are exactly alike — it's like comparing apples to wing nuts –– and this is also true of their needs, issues and strategic initiatives. Transum explores every imaginable option to make certain your branding, corporate identity or strategic marketing solution meets your unique objectives.

J•R Engineering /
Englewood, CO

Inconsistent use of an outdated corporate identity system was diluting the quality and effectiveness of J•R Engineering's marketing communications and undermining its brand building effort.

Transum created the new parent entity name, WESTRIAN GROUP, a brand positioning tagline, "Enterprise and Direction", and multi-tiered branding architecture that appear in a compelling and unified graphics system designed by Hanna Design Ltd.

The WESTRIAN GROUP identification master plan conveys an enhanced and memorable brand image and understandable brand linkages throughout all business communications and marketing media. WESTRIAN GROUP and J•R Engineering are now positioned to capitalize on more than three decades of the engineering company's accrued brand equity for future brand building and business development.
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